Profit from Your Skills
Without an Audience

This is the only software for coaches, freelancers and consultants.
We're here to help you profit from the skills you've developed!

Are your skills profitable?

There are thousands of qualified experts in the world that don't get the revenue they deserve. This is a result of:
A lack of systems to consistently attract qualified prospectsNo true structure for their brandTools to operate the business become too expensiveAn entirely new system needs to be adapted so that consultants, coaches and freelancers can generate more revenue with ease and consistency.

We can help you become profitable

We're not just some normal software platform. We're actually building a community of coaches, freelancers and consultants that are focused on generating more revenue and making a bigger impact. The first major step is improving your personal brand.

Schedule Personal Brand Audit

Schedule your time to work with me one on one. During this session, we'll discuss key areas of your personal brand and how the Personal Branding Playbook will help you.

What started it all

This is the only podcast that can help you build a great personal brand. Each week expert interviews are released where special guests detail their rise to greatness. You also get solo episodes, from Coach Chris, detailing strategies and methods that will make your personal brand more profitable.

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Where we are now

The Personal Branding Playbook is more than a podcast. It's now become the best resource for coaches, freelancers and consultants to grow their business.

  • Stay connected to all of your prospects with our CRM database

  • Send invoices to new clients with ease

  • Accept payments through Stripe

  • Create projects so that every task to reach the goal is assigned and dated

  • Send proposals to new prospects to secure them as clients (coming soon)

Make more money

We've made is extremely easy to make money with your online business. You can create customers, send invoices and get paid all in one place!

Manage Projects

Work with your clients in one place. Manage and assign tasks with the click of a button. You can easily serve your clients.

We're in our beta stages and we want you to help us improve our product. Schedule a call with me so we can discuss the Personal Branding Playbook and improving your brand.